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A major focus of holistic care is supporting a client's self-care. The self with a capital S refers to the still small voice, the inner healer, or the inner wisdom. I refer to this self as the "Gentle Healer Within™" whose voice, vision, and instruction is always caring, comforting, soothing, joyful, illuminating, loving and meaningful. Nurses are the witness to this Self or Gentle Healer Within™ in their own being and in that of their clients.

The elements of nature care-ether, fire, air, water, and Earth-are the elements of Self and the same elements from which all matter in the universe is created. The creation and re-creation of self is an ongoing process of healing.These elements provide the structure for the GHW Imagery sessions. Self-care support, comfort, and care repairs the body and solves health concerns with a greater purpose in mind; the integration and alignment of the four "bodies" or elements of Self - fire, air, water, earth - and the fifth element, ether or vital energy, which the Greeks called "pneuma." These five have been considered the elements of creation and were clearly defined in hermetic texts, the oldest spiritual tradition in the west. In many healing traditions, from Greek Humoral and Indian Ayurveda to Celtic Herbalism and Hawaiian La'au, the proper balance of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies and their associated elements are thought of as being the platform for health. Health is also believed in many traditions to occur when all elements align and become congruent and harmonious with the vital energy, which is expressed as the divine purpose of the person. The holistic caregiver is the calm clear lake for the client while they sort out their health concerns and move into a state of readiness to contact and learn from the Gentle Healer Within™. The ultimate purpose of nursing care is to support the person, who is becoming whole and fully tethered to their true nature, their gentle healer within, and their true self.

Dr. Martha's Gentle Healer Within™ (GHW) imagery sessions include mind-body techniques that help you to access the wisdom of the body to solve tough health problems that challenge physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. GHW™ is grounded in the science of self-care in nursing, mind-body and psychonueroimmunology science, and the "intui-intelligence" research of the Institute of Heartmath™. GHW™ sessions also include the techniques that are used to develop partnerships with healing plants. People are in a constant state of adaptation and adjustment and their behavior is influenced by the environment - that is the world - within and around them. Healing plants form a major part of the environment and therefore offer support and comfort for people who are experiencing the stress and dis-ease that can accompany adjustment and change. GHW™ sessions include Dr. Martha's mind-body techniques:
  • Secret Chamber of the Heart Centering
  • Mindful Breathing
  • GHW™ Mind-Body Imagery