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What is Reflexology?



Reflexology is a healing technique, based on holographic principles, that has been traced to ancient Egypt. The feet, as well as the hands and ears, are known to be an energetic blueprint for the whole body, its systems and organs. Dr. Martha specializes in Foot Reflexology practice and education. Foot Reflexology is a specific therapeutic technique that is quite distinct from foot massage in its application and health outcomes. Reflexologists use their hands to work the feet in specific patterns following the natural flow and energy dictated by the anatomy and physiology of the body as it is represented in the feet to decrease stress and affect greater balance of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Research has shown benefit from foot reflexology for reducing excessive stress and different types of pain, increasing energy, and balancing mood. Although Foot Reflexologists work with energy patterns and do not diagnose, treat or cure medical diseases, reflexology has been shown anecdotally in practice and in clinical research to help in the healing process of a number of medical conditions, including Diabetes Type II (non-insulin dependent). The #1 treatment of choice for Diabetes Type II in China is foot reflexology. 

Dr. Martha Libster has been practicing and teaching Foot Reflexology with Herbal Applications for almost thirty years. She first learned of foot reflexology in 1983 when she was a professional dancer in New York City. Synchronistically, she met a German healer/reflexologist named Marguerite Teuwen, whom everyone called OMA (grandmother) after she moved to Los Angeles in 1984. OMA recognized Dr. Martha's love of healing and science and invited her to apprentice in the Glendale Foot Reflexology Clinic from 1984-1986 while she studied for her degree in nursing. Dr. Martha describes her time working with OMA as “the perfect balance to my nursing education.”

OMA introduced Dr. Martha to The Science of Energy Flowwhich included holographic reflexology science and the application of that science to the endocrine glands and their corresponding chakras or energy centers. The OMA method of foot treatment also includes European herbal therapies – primarily topical applications, an energetic approach to patient care, and the German tradition of Kneipp water cure including herbal foot baths, wraps and packs. Dr. Martha was also certified in Foot Zone Therapy in 1991 at the Centre for Alternative Medicine in Kristiansand, Norway with the renowned Dr. Charles Ersdal.

Since then Dr. Martha has developed her approach to Foot Reflexology called Science of Energy Flow® - Foot Reflexology - an integration of nursing art and science, herbalism, OMA Method Foot Reflexology, water cure, and  the signal system of Ersdal Zone Therapy. SEF-FR treatments with Dr. Martha are a healing experience that will increase your under-standing while decreasing stress and discomfort!

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