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Dr. Libster was immediately responsive in helping me through a crisis! She provided counseling and decision-making support for my mental health and physical concerns. She is thorough and I love her holistic approach and vast knowledge of traditional Chinese herbal medicine.
~ S. P.

Dr. Libster met with me online to discuss my health concerns.  She met with me and my wife at the agreed upon time and did not rush our conversation in any way. She was very professional, answered all of my questions, and gave clear, specific guidance for me. I have been able to follow the plan of care that she and I developed and my health issue has essentially been resolved.  Her compassionate, encouraging approach is very refreshing and I feel that I can contact her for further clarification if needed.  I have enjoyed my association with Dr. Martha Libster and would again seek her guidance in the future. ~ B. T.

   Dr. Libster is professional, personal, and effective! ~ D.L.
   Dr. Martha is wonderful. She has helped me use wholistic therapies to work through a very stressful time in my life. Dr. Martha utilizes foot reflexology, herbs, and teaches you self awareness with visualization. Utilizing these things I have been able to reduce my stress without having to go on traditional medications again. Her ability to guide with solution-focused therapy helps to work through issues systematically and with a clearer picture. She has given me alternatives to help me improve my sleep. She has a wonderful calming office and practices what she teaches her clients. ~J.J.  
   Before, during, and after both of my pregnancies, Dr. Martha listened to my concerns, helped me research them, and provided excellent insight into the physiology and psychology of pregnancy and childbirth. Her warm encouragement helped me build confidence as a new mother. Dr. Martha is an outstanding provider who truly cares about her patients. ~ J.K.  
   Dr. Martha is a miracle worker. I came to her for severe pain for endometriosis. Not only did she get meout of pain but I was also able to get pregnant while I was seeing her without any sort of western fertility treatment whatsoever. She is caring, compassionate, intuitive and just plain brilliant. Dr. Martha gave me my life back. I recommend her to anyone and everyone! ~ K.H.  
   Dr. Martha is amazing! I have become stronger psychologically and physically! She is insightful, resourceful, and effective. ~ M. R.  
   Dr. Martha’s therapeutic methods were energizing and beneficial. The teas have great health benefits.  ~ S.E.  
   I have been very pleased with every visit. Our goals were met at each session. I looked forward to the next appointment. ~ A.M.