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Program Description

The Nurse-Herbalist Program (3 modules) will “root” your love of plant remedies deeply within nursing scope of practice. The program specifically addresses the legal, ethical, cultural, and professional practice issues of Registered Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, educators, and nurse-coaches, who apply and/or teach the application of herbs in the care and comfort of clients across the lifespan. This program draws upon evidence from research, expert practice, and history as well as the students’ own plant relationships to model an integrative approach to plant partnership in practice. It includes content on translating botanical science to practice, traditional healing with plants, integrative nursing theory and practice, herbal recipes and remedies, cultural diplomacy and coaching skill, and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine philosophy in the application of the elements of nurses’ nature care—fire, air, water, earth, and ether. Case studies of nurse-herbalism in a variety of practice settings, such as hospitals, clinics, home health, and hospice agencies, are provided to inspire the development and implementation of your own practice plan. Completion of the 90-hour program 

PROGRAM: 2 distance learning modules (#1 and #2) and 1 face-to-face module (#3)

Nurse-Herbalist Modules 1, 2, and 3 are prerequisite for Dr. Martha's
Herbal Diplomat® certificate program. 



 Module 1 provides step-by-step guidance in developing a plan for the      implementation of nurse-herbalist assessment and the application of herbal simples,    a centuries-old healing tradition in nursing.  It focuses on the study of more than 50    plants, the integration of herbalism and nursing practice, and entering the world of    healing plants by engaging in self-care herbal “experiments.”

Module 1 Topics include:

  • Best Practice and the 5 Rights of Nurse-Herbalism
  • Plant Science
  • Applying Herbal Simples in Nursing Care and Comfort
  • Practice Models and Nurse-Herbalist Assessment 
  • Self-Care Herbal Experiments 
  • Demonstrating Integrative Nursing Care with Plants as Partners
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy and Nurse-Herbalism
  • Supplements v. Partnership with Plants 
  • Evidence-Based Nurse-Herbalism – W.H.O. Model

 Module 2 provides an opportunity to apply diplomacy techniques, such as  mindfulness and negotiation, as students learn about herbal applications and the  health beliefs, systems, rituals, and practices of nursing as a professional culture and  other cultures’ healing traditions around the globe. Learn to integrate technology and  tradition in applying herbal remedies as instruments for negotiating health solutions  for individuals, families, communities, and nations. 

Module 2 topics include:

  • Culural Diplomacy Skills for International Coaching Work 
  • Nursing’s Professional Culture and Health Beliefs
  • Herbal Applications and the Elements of Care in Creating Optimal Healing Environments
  • Mindfulness and Peace-Making
  • Indigenous Peoples and their Knowledge  
  • Recipes and Remedies for Self-Care Support and Health Promotion
  • Traditional Healing 
  • Health Care Reform, Primary Health Care, and Nursing History 
  • Plant Use in Religion, Spirituality and Ritual


 Module 3 The Science of Energy Flow® (SEF) holistic healing retreat includes the  pairing of two ancient healing techniques: topical plant applications such as foot  baths, lotions, and herbal wraps with touch techniques to the feet–foot reflexology.  During this SEF® module, that focuses on the use of plants, essential oils and water,  you will develop your skills in creating environments of beauty and protection that  promote healing transmutation and transformation. The course draws upon  holographic science to explain how this simple enduring healing tradition can affect positive change in a person’s energy field through the feet. You will design a practice plan for the immediate integration of herbal and touch techniques learned into practice. This hands-on course provides opportunities to gain greater under-standing (pun intended) of the role of visualization in healing human physiology and to develop skills in pairing intuitive assessment with nursing caring science and pattern recognition. 

Module 3 Topics include:

  • Basic SEF® Treatment – Hands On
  • Hologram of Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • 5 Element Herbal Footbaths
  • Water Care and Ablution for the Energy Field of the Feet
  • Essential Oil and Whole Herb Topical Applications
  • Herb Walk and Plant Identification
  • Nurse-Herbalist “Medicine” Making Workshop 
  • Herbal Stress Relief Techniques
  • The Elements of Creating a Healing Environment
  • Non-Pharmacological Health Promotion and Treatment Themes