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Module 3 Objectives:

Upon completion of this module the attendee will be able to:

  1. Attendees will discuss holographic science and other scientific theories supporting foot reflexology and energy flow in and around the body. 
  2. Attendees will analyze historical and clinical research and other forms of evidence that guides the use of foot reflexology with herbal applications in nursing care and body work.
  3. Attendees will apply holographic science when identifying anatomical landmarks on the feet.
  4. Attendees will prepare an herbal footbath and demonstrate ablution technique for the feet.
  5. Attendees will demonstrate a basic foot reflexology treatment.
  6. Attendees will integrate Foot Reflexology techniques and visualization when working the seven major glands and their corresponding chakras represented in the hologram of the feet.
  7. Attendees will exhibit body and hand positioning during return demonstrations of at least 3 hand-hold techniques.  
  8. Students will examine articles on research related to foot reflexology, topical applications of herbs, essential oil use, and/or energy fields.
  9. Attendees will articulate legal, ethical, and practice considerations in applying skills learned with professional practice.

Teaching Methods:

Lecture and Discussion

Case Studies / Story


Assigned Readings

Lab: Plant Walk, Return Demonstration, Essential Oil Blending

Course Evaluation


 Evaluation:  500 Point Scale

388 – 500      P   Pass

            0 – 387         


Measurement of Competency:

  1. Participate in 30-hour (face-to-face) course.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of basic treatment during hands-on critique.
  3. Passing grade on written exam.
  4. Submission of Practice Plan (Addresses Legal, Ethical, Practice issues.)
  5. Completion of Course Evaluation

Required Texts:

Libster, M. (2014). Science of Energy Flow® – Foot Reflexology with Herbal

Stress Relief.

Libster, M. (2001). Demonstrating Care: The Art of Integrative Nursing. Albany,

NY: Delmar Thomson Learning.

Libster, M. (2012). The Nurse Herbalist: Integrative Insights for Holistic Practice.