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   WEBINARS (4) AND GUIDED SELF-STUDY With Dr. Martha           
REGISTRATION FEE:  $595.        

*Webinar Schedule TBD with Participant Input    
*Webinars Via GoToMeeting (Secure Access Provided). 
*Webcam and Microphone Required.


   Module 2 Objectives

Upon completion of this module the attendee will be able to:

  1. Differentiate the concepts: traditional healing, complementary therapies, alternative medicine, biomedicine, self-care, and indigenous healing.
  2. Explain the role of health belief in healing traditions and professional healthcare practice.
  3. Discuss cultural, ethnic, and folkloric perspectives of traditional healing and indigenous knowledge systems.
  4. Compare and contrast health beliefs, practices, and decision-making strategies of nurses and health professionals with the self-care and decision-making practices of individuals, families, and communities.
  5. Report on one modalities (therapeutic techniques or applications of care), health/nursing concepts, or beliefs associated with healing traditions.
  6. Analyze how knowledge of healing traditions can be translated and incorporated into contemporary practice, research, and education of healthcare professionals and in healthcare systems.
  7. Define cultural diplomacy and its role in person-centered health care, reform, and peacemaking.
  8. Apply Modeling and Role Modeling in case studies.
  9. Analyze the social science concept – mindfulness and its use in cultural diplomacy in person-centered nursing care and coaching

Teaching Methods:

Webinar (Live) Lecture and Discussion

Case Studies / Story

Self-Care Experiments with Plants

Assigned Readings

Literature Search

Written Assignments

Course Evaluation

 Evaluation:  500 Point Scale

388 – 500      P   Pass

            0 – 387          NP No Pass - May Repeat Course

   Measurement of Competency:

1. Translational Healing Traditions and Nursing Paper  = 150 point
                        See Paper Guidelines and Grading Rubric for Details

2. You Tube – Public Presentation = 150 points
                        See Guidelines
3. Participation in 4 Webinar Discussions  = 80 points (20 each) 
                        Asks thought-provoking questions.  Dialogs collegially with group.                                                  Discussion Board (Asynchronous as desired)

4. Preparation for Webinar – 3 Prep Forms = 120 points (40 each)
                        See Prep Form for Details
5. Study Log – Pass / No Pass Required for CE Hours

6. Course Evaluation – Required for CE Hours

Required Texts:

Erickson, H. Tomlin, E. & Swain, M. A. (2008). Modeling and Role-

Modeling: A Theory and Paradigm for Nursing. EST Co.: Cedar Park, TX. 

Fries, J. & Vickery, D. (most recent edition - 2009) Take Care of Yourself.

Philadelphia: Da Capo Lifelong.

Langer, E. (1989). Mindfulness. Reading, MA: Perseus Books.

Libster, M. (2012). The Nurse-Herbalist: Integrative insights for holistic practice.

Libster, M. (2004). Herbal Diplomats: The Contribution of early American nurses

(1830-1860) to nineteenth-century health care reform and the Botanical Medical Movement. Golden Apple Publications. Provided with Course Registration.

Libster, M. et al. (2015). Perspectives in Cultural Diplomacy. Volume 1. Nursing.


Libster, M. & McNeil, B. (2009). Enlightened Charity. North Carolina: Golden

Apple Publications. (Reference for Paper)