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Information About Dr. Martha
Dr. Martha Mathews Libster PhD, APRN

Dr. Martha Libstera pioneer in integrative nursing, is Founder and Executive Director of
Golden Apple Healing Arts Consulting. She is an enthusiastic problem-solver who helps people find insight and solutions to their health problems within their life stories. Dr. Martha's respectful person-centered approach to health and consultation services seeks to match clients' health beliefs with time-tested healing traditions and innovations in scientific and medical approaches that best address any identified physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic imbalances. Dr. Martha is a Licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in psychiatry and is nationally board certified as an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse. Dr. Martha also is an Herbal Diplomat® who applies her 25 years experience in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and a life long "partnership" with healing plants in a Gentle Remedies approach to care of infants, children, adults, and elders. She is passionate about counseling individuals, families, and corporate teams during crisis and life transitions. She provides environmental assessments, team and capacity building, retention strategies, creativity and innovation workshops for corporate teams. Health services for individuals and families include psychotherapy, health coaching, self-care and decision-making support, online and tele-health care. She specializes in assessment and non-pharmacological treatment of non-verbal/pre-verbal infants and young children, such as play therapy and dance-movement and mindfulness and infant massage education for caregivers. 

Dr. Martha is a national award-winning researcher and writer of Herbal Diplomats - a history of American health care reform. She is a Medical Science Writer, the author of 7 books, and is an inspirational and informative speaker and workshop facilitator on topics such as Integrative Nursing, Holistic Psychiatry, Infant Mental Health, Botanical Medicine, Non-Phamacological Care, Traditional Chinese Medicine, History of Nursing and Health Care Reform, and Self-Care for Health Professionals. Dr. Martha's Poetic Endnotes™ provide that special memory attendees take away from any event.